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A research school established in 2005 with support from the Nordic Research Board (NordForsk) and the Nordic Working Group on Fisheries Research (NAF)

To strengthen intra-Nordic research co-operation, expertise and innovation in marine sciences, and to enhance research training and mobility of researchers and research students.

The Nordic Marine Academy will cover all aspects of marine research with a particular emphasis on the exploitation, utilization and management of marine living resources and the impacts of human activities on marine ecosystems.

The NMA is an organised and committing co-operation of Nordic universities and research institutes. It is coordinated by the University of Bergen and governed by a Board of scientists representing each of the Nordic countries and different areas of expertise.

All institutions involved in marine, fisheries and aquaculture research in the Nordic and neighbouring countries are invited to join the Nordic Marine Academy

The NMA will contribute to the training of PhD students and young researchers throughout the Nordic and neighbouring countries by organising Advanced Courses, Workshops and Seminars, and offering Mobility Grants and specific Internet Resources.

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