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About the NMA


About the NMA


NorFA (from January 1, 2005: NordForsk, Nordic Research Board) has promoted five-year initiatives concerning Nordic Research Schools. In this connection NAF (Nordic Working Group on Fisheries Research) and NorFA decided to establish and co-finance a Nordic Research School in order to strengthen research training, innovation and competence related to marine ecosystems including exploitation of resources related to fisheries and aquaculture as well as sustainability and environmental research related to fisheries.

The Nordic Marine Academy (NMA) was established in 2005 after a two-stage application and selection procedure. After an open call for proposals, NordForsk and NAF selected 3 different initiatives and invited the applicants to combine the best aspects of the respective concepts into a joint proposal.

The launching of the NMA is the start of a joint effort to enhance the scientific quality and international visibility of Nordic research training within this field. The programme will run during 2005-2010 with a total funding from NAF and NordForsk of up to 10 million NOK. This funding is intended to cover costs for co-operation and thus supplement national funding for research training and research.

Objectives and focus
The main objectives of the Nordic Marine Academy are to strengthen intra-Nordic research cooperation, expertise and innovation in marine sciences, and to enhance research training and mobility of researchers and research students.

The NMA will cover all aspects of marine research with a particular emphasis on the exploitation, utilization and management of marine living resources and the impacts of human activities on marine ecosystems.

NB!! Funding for NMA was terminated 2010. No new NMA courses will be supported in the foreseeable future.

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