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The NMA is directed by:
Prof. Arild Folkvord
University of Bergen, Department of Biology

The Director is supported by an NMA appointed secretariat, and general administrative services from the University of Bergen.

The NMA is governed by a Board integrated by one representative from each of the Nordic countries, ensuring also a balance between areas of expertise:

Dir. Gudrún Pétursdóttir,
University of Iceland, Fisheries Research Institute (Chair of the Board)

Prof. Erik Bonsdorff,
Åbo Akademi University

Dir. Ulf Båmstedt,
University of Umeå, Marine Sciences Centre

Prof. Henrik Gislasson,
Technical University of Denmark

Dr. Gro-Ingunn Hemre
National Institute of Nutrition and Seafood Research, Bergen

The Board will decide the overall strategies for the NMA, provide the overall guidelines for the activities, propose additional activities to enhance the cooperation in research training between the Nordic countries and make the NMA known among potential members. The Board will also act as conflict solver, should the need arise, and take overall decisions on budget allocation among activities. The Board will meet once a year.

Besides the Board, a contact person has been assigned for each member institution or research group. The institutions which have shown interest in the NMA and their respective contact persons are listed in the menu on the left. Most contact persons have been officially assigned as such by their corresponding institutions in Letters of Intent.

Member organisations of the Academy will commit to inform the NMA about courses, workshops and seminars and other activities of relevance for Nordic PhD students, and link their respective websites to tha NMA's.

NMA membership is open for all relevant institutions. Read more →

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