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NordForsk, Nordic Research Board, is a new Nordic research institution, established January 1 2005. From the same time, NorFA has become part of NordForsk.

NAF Nordisk Arbeidsgruppe for Fiskeriforskning (NAF) har til formål å være rådgivende organ for Nordisk Ministerråd (Fiskeriministrene) vedrørende fiskeriforskning i det omfang Ministerrådet ved Embedsmannskomiteen (NEF) anmoder om dette. Nordisk Arbeidsgruppe for Fiskeriforskning har også til formål å medvirke til økt og bedret samarbeid innenfor fiskeriforskningen i Norden.

Other Nordic Research Schools, Networks and Associations

FISHNET- Danish Network for Fisheries and Aquaculture Research

SOAS- International School of Aquatic Sciences

ARCTOS -ARCTic marine ecOSystem research network

NORMA- NOrdic Research network in MAritime studies
Focussing on human relationship with the sea within the disciplines of history, archaeology, anthropology and ethnology

MARINERS - Maritime History and Marine Environmental Research School

FISKNÄT - Student exchange programme between the Universities in Jyväskylä, Tromsø, Århus and Copenhagen

FAME - Fisheries and Aquaculture Management and Economics

Norske Havforskeres Forening

Marine Science and Technology Society of Finland

Swedish Society for Marine Sciences

Internet Resources

Marine Sciences Portal for the North Atlantic and the Mediterranean

International organizations and management bodies


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