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Funding has ended as of 2010, and no new NMA activities will be supported in the foreseeable future.


Some of the previous news items are shown below:

25.10.07 Three conferences supported by NMA are announced for 2008:
NoWPAS - Nordic network for doctoral students working in Salmo salar and Salmo trutta research. February 14-17, Organised by Associate Professor Knut Tore Alfredsen, Holbaek, Denmark and coordinated by Morten Stickler
9th International Conference on the Applications of Magnetic Resonance in Food Science –Challenges in a changing world. September 15-17, 2008. Organised by Maria Gudjonsdottir, Matis ohf., Food research, innovation and safety, Iceland.
3d regional student conference “Biodiversity and functioning of aquatic ecosystems in the Baltic Sea region”. October 10-12, 2008. Organised by Sergej Olenin, Klaipeda University, Lithuania.
More information on these conferences will be posted as it comes available.

11th call for proposals for MOBILITY GRANTS for PhD students and young researchers
Deadline: November 1, 2007
More info...

We are sorry to announce that the Advanced course Recent developments in molecular systematics, which was to be held November 26 - December 5, 2007 at the Marine Biological Station at Espegrend, University of Bergen, Norway is cancelled.

03.09.07 - 6th CALL FOR PROPOSALS to organise Advanced Courses.
Deadline: October 1

03.09.07 - Mobility Grants: Next coming deadline: November 1 Read more...

03.09.07 - Scientific Workshops and Seminars, and support to conferences. Deadline: November 1 Read more...

11.05.07 - NMA has granted support to the workshop "Workshop on detection of human impact in the Göta River estuary", which will take place in Göteborg, Sweden, 26-29 August 2007.

12.04.07 - Miljø- og fiskeriforskning
Nordisk Arbeidsgruppe for Fiskeriforskning (NAF) og Styrings-gruppen for nordisk miljø- og fiskeristrategi (MiFi) inviterer nå til å søke støtte til nordiske samarbeidsprosjekter innenfor fiskeri- og miljøsektoren for 2008.

21.03.07 - Two new Advanced Courses which will be organised in 2007 are announced. Read more...

16.03.07 - Mobility Grants: Next coming deadline: April 1 Read more...
Please note: As of this application deadline, the rate for subsistence has been increased to maximum NOK 500/day.

17.01.07 - An additional Advanced Course to be organised in August 2007 is announced. Read more...

22.12.06 - Four new Advanced Courses which will be organised in 2007 (one in 2008), the first one in February/March (application deadline January 15), are announced. Read more...

07.10.2005 - Start of the two first NMA Advanced Courses is celebrated at the University of Bergen. Read more...

21.03.2005 - 8 proposals for organising Advanced Courses are now under evaluation. List of courses to be granted will be published before the end of April.

28.02.2005 - Nordic ministers launch the Nordic Marine Academy:

- Speech by Svein Ludvigsen, Nordic Co-operation Minister and Norwegian Minister of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs

- Article in the University of Iceland's web pages

01-02.2005 - Interview with the NMA Director

1st CALL FOR PROPOSALS to organise Advanced Courses during 2005
Deadline: March 15

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