How to Join? (deadline expired)

All institutions involved in marine, fisheries and aquaculture research in the Nordic countries, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Northwest Russia are invited to join the Nordic Marine Academy. No membership fee is required. To apply for membership, a letter signed by the head of the relevant department should be sent to the Director of the NMA:

Prof. Arild Folkvord
University of Bergen
Dept. of Biology
PO Box 7800
NO-5020 Bergen

The letter should express commitment to contribute to the NMA's objectives by:

working actively to promote the NMA and its activities
establish links from the institution's website to the NMA's
being willing to participate in NMA activities, e.g. by organising Advanced Courses, hosting/sending students on NMA Mobility Grants, providing supervisors and/or reviewers for Advanced Courses

The letter should also designate a contact person.

PhD students and staff from the Member Institutions will soon be able to register on-line. In this way they will gain access to the area "For Members" in this website, which will include interactive features for students, faculty and staff, e.g.:

on-line application forms for the different activities
access to a members database (searchable with keywords for area of expertise/interest)
access to databases on relevant courses offered regularly by the member institutions
course material
discussion fora, etc.

last updated af 2011

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